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26 October 2007 @ 08:31 pm
The prompts battle didn't take off, and I have a feeling the momentum behind this comm is gone, but it's Friday night for me and I want distractions from everything else I'm supposed to be writing. So let's have a game of drabble tag - goal is to pair up every student/teacher/guest lecturer (which means any other Who-character or crossovers) in every combination!

Loose rules are that we'll start off with a few pairings; when you write one, put it as a reply with the pairing in the subject line, and then add three more pairings of your own to keep things going. No word minimums or limits, just have fun! (You can find our very loose character list here to remind you of what's what if needed, or just go wild).

Barbara/Ian by livii
Benton/Rose by livii
Brigadier/Jack by biichan
Fitz/Turlough by van
Harry/Sarah Jane by van
Jamie/Zoe by laura_luvage
Jo/Rose by livii
Liz/Sarah Jane by agapi42
Martha/Rose by agapi42
Mel/the Rani by biichan

Chang Lee/Grace
Harry/the Master
Jack/Romana II
Leela/Romana II
Romana II/Rose
doyle_sb4 asked to see "Ace getting Nyssa shitfaced drunk"; in the spirit of the community, I've riffed off things established in both Doyle and van's stories, and also, it's mainly-plotless crack.

Showstoppers, ~1050 words, PGish

Getting Nyssa drunk is harder than it looks.Collapse )
This sort of fits the prompt of Fitz and Turlough ditch class and smoke together, and they also sell contraband and other silly things. PG-rated het shippy goodness. :D Mickey makes a cameo, hahaha. Far too much fun to write. XDXD 1,500 words. XD Some mild bad language.

Happy Monday.

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27 September 2007 @ 01:10 pm
Not technically part of the prompt battle as I prompted myself into this one...

Characters: most of the lower form girls and a new history teacher
Warnings: no smut! (sorry)

Is therea formal system we should be using for summaries or tags for this community, btw?

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26 September 2007 @ 07:50 pm
And here is the post of prompts! There is so much awesomeness below I can hardly bear it (and so much of it that I'm cutting to save your flists).

No claims are needed - just pick something and write! Your fic should be posted as a reply to this post, unless it is too long (definitely acceptable!), at which point you can post it directly to the community. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

List of fantastic prompts!Collapse )
26 September 2007 @ 08:00 pm
Victoria sat in the chair closest to the lamp so she could see her knitting. Zoe stood in front of the full length mirror twisting around and scrutinizing her appearance. "Well?" she turned to Victoria and presented herself.

"Perhaps a skirt?" Victoria said, barely lifting her eyes from her work. Truth was, Victoria did not approve of women wearing trousers. Especially the tight pants that Zoe was sporting which left very little to the imagination. It was as if her pants were painted on, tightly wrapped around her thighs and accentuating her apple-shaped bottom.

Victoria flushed as Zoe rummaged around for more clothes and the tic-tac of her knitting needles increased.

Zoe came out from her the depths of her wardrobe with a new outfit and began unbuttoning her shirt. Victoria had once heard some boys in the library talking about Zoe. "Perky" they called her. It was an appropriate nickname thought Victoria eying Zoe's permanently aroused breasts.

The knitting needles were moving at a blur now. Zoe unbuttoned her trousers and peeled them off. Victoria found she could not keep up with her needles and ended up unraveling the last several rows.

When she dared glance up again Zoe was wearing yet another tight shirt and a skirt so short that she may as well have stayed in her underwear.

"Right, sure you don't want to come?" asked Zoe, heading towards the door and barely waiting for an answer. "No thanks" answered Victoria, thinking: please just ask me one more time. "Right then, bye!" and without a backward glance Zoe dashed out of the room

Victoria put her knitting down and spent a moment trying to gather her thoughts, her breath heavy and her cheeks flush. She stood up and strode over to Zoe's wardrobe. She began tidying up the clothes that were lying around before her emotions overwhelmed her and she grabbed a blouse, inhaling deeply. She sat on the edge of her bed and wept with frustration and embarrassment.
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25 September 2007 @ 09:55 pm
Welcome to the Schoolverse Prompts Battle - do straighten your tie, won't you, and quiet there in back - trying to jumpstart the flow of awesome, awesome school AU crack!

How this works (stolen shamelessly from lifeonmartha with slight modifications:

This is the prompts post. You comment with as many prompts for fic as you like - gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, crossovers - anything you desire within this 'verse. A prompt could be a pairing and a single word, a line of poetry or music lyric, a scenario ("there's an interschool dance", "cheerleading competition", etc), a piece of dialogue, or anything else you think someone might be able to turn into fic.

Tomorrow morning I'll start collecting the prompts into one post - I want this to get going fast! - adding to it as people add to this prompts post for a few more days. There's no claiming - you pick an idea you like, write a drabble or a ficlet for it (or a full length fic if the muse so strikes you) and post it in the comments. Multiple people can tackle the same prompt if it so strikes their fancy!

So start your prompting!!

(P.S. The character list is mainly complete - everyone has a roommate and at least an age grouping - but do feel free to continue to suggest things to add to round it out, and of course, to write away from it as you want!)

EDIT: prompting is now CLOSED, we have so many wonderful, wonderful prompts! The prompts post itself will go up in a couple of hours. Don't worry if you had more good ideas - we will hold these regularly, and of course, you can write things that aren't prompted at any time!
25 September 2007 @ 01:21 am
And now we need to at least loosely define the role each character plays in the 'verse. Do feel free to mix it up as you like for stories, but we'll try to have this to keep things somewhat on track. Jump in with suggestions where I have not come up with one, or to flesh it out, if you object to things, or if I have missed characters (very easy to do with so many characters and with many spin-off companions I don't know, and basically everyone is welcome).

Ace: lower-form student, rooms with Nyssa, swings both ways, sometimes dates Mickey, sometimes dates Jack
Adam: lower-form student, rooms with Chang Lee, Vice-President of the Robotics Club
Adric: lower-form student, Chess Club captain, rooms with Kamelion
Anji: upper-form student, rooms with Evelyn
Barbara: upper-form student, Head Girl (has own room), president of the History Club, sometimes dates Ian
Ben: lower-form student, Glee Club captain, rooms with Jamie
Benny: upper-form student, rooms with Erimem
Benton: upper-form student, dates Rose frequently, rooms with Harry, captain of the rugby team
Brigadier: upper-form student, prefect, rooms with Jack, sometimes dates Yates
Chang Lee: lower-form student, rooms with Adam
Charley: lower-form student, Fitz's little sister, rooms with Dodo
Dodo: lower-form student, president of the Drama Club, rooms with Charley
Donna: upper-form student, captain of the Riding Team, rooms with Tegan
Erimem: upper-form student, rooms with Benny, president of the Egyptology Society
Evelyn: upper-form student, rooms with Anji
Fitz: upper-form student, Charley's big brother, cuts class with Turlough, rooms with Steven, contraband smuggler
Frobisher: upper-form penguin, rooms with Hex, editor of the boys' school student newspaper
Grace: upper-form student, rooms with Liz
Harry: upper-form student, prefect, dates Martha frequently, rooms with Benton
Hex: upper-form student, rooms with Frobisher
Ian: upper-form student, Head Boy (has own room), sometimes dates Zoe, sometimes dates Barbara
Jack: upper-form student, rooms with the Brigadier, sometimes dates Ace, swings all ways (of course)
Jamie: lower-form student, rooms with Ben, captain of the Pipe and Drum squad
Jo: upper-form student, rooms with Mel
Kamelion: lower-form student, rooms with Adric, president of the Robotics Society
K-9: upper-form student, rooms with Mike Yates
Leela: upper-form student, cheerleading captain, rooms with Polly, sometimes dates Romana II
Liz: upper-form student, president of the Science Club, rooms with Grace
Martha: upper-form student, prefect, rooms with Rose, dates Harry frequently
Mel: upper-form student, rooms with Jo, captain of the lacrosse team
Mickey: upper-form student, rooms with Turlough, sometimes dates Ace
Mike Yates: upper-form student, sometimes dates the Brigadier, rooms with K-9
Nyssa: lower-form student, rooms with Ace, sometimes dates Tegan
Peri: upper-form student, president of the International Society, rooms with Sarah Jane
Polly: upper-form student, captain of the field hockey team, rooms with Leela
Romana I: lower-form student, rooms with Romana II
Romana II: upper-form student, rooms with Romana I, sometimes dates Leela
Rose: upper-form student, prefect, rooms with Martha, dates Benton frequently
Sarah Jane: upper-form student, editor of the girls' school student newspaper, rooms with Peri
Steven: upper-form student, Debating Club captain, rooms with Fitz
Susan: lower-form student, rooms with Vicki
Tegan: upper-form student, Debating Club captain, rooms with Donna, sometimes dates Nyssa
The Master: headmaster of the boys' school, involved with the Rani, evil (running his school as a social experiment on humans)
The Rani: headmistress of the girls' school, involved with the Master, evil (running her school as a social experiment on humans)
Turlough: upper-form student, rooms with Mickey, cuts class with Fitz
Vicki: lower-form student, rooms with Susan, president of the Archaeology Club
Victoria: lower-form student, rooms with Zoe, president of the Needlepoint Club
Zoe: lower-form student, rooms with Victoria, sometimes dates Ian, student librarian

The Doctor: not appearing as such in this AU; presently a wee baby with a pocket watch.

Teachers: none are set in stone other than the headmaster and headmistress; excellent suggestions have been made to use various villains from the DW verse. Feel free to pick and choose as you like, and if certain characters become entrenched I will add them to this 'canon' list.

Locations: if certain locations become entrenched, I will add them to this list as well to work up a general vision of the area. At present, down in the next village is a pub with a stag's head on the wall, where students like to congregate. The schools also have a lake between them, where some Sea Devils live.

(The general rule here: the characters are students, but write them as themselves, as younger versions of themselves, as gay, straight, mixed, take 'rooms with' the wrong way (I know I will for the girls...), anything at all. HAVE FUN). Also: I'm imagining the Master as the Delgado!Master, as he's my favourite and is just the one who would pretend to be a headmaster, but do feel free to mix it up as desired.
25 September 2007 @ 12:51 am
Welcome to schoolforgirls: your one-stop DW verse for high quality crack fic. This community is a loosely-defined universe to write AU boarding school adventures for the companions and villains of Doctor Who.

I got the ball rolling on this by writing a quick fic in the universe; for simplicity's sake, this will be considered our establishing ground universe. In the next post, I'll open it up to nail down the role each character plays in the AU. Beyond that, the goal is to go absolutely wild - choose different time periods, go nuts on pairings, contradict and play around and have as much as humanly (or not) possible!

The fic to start it all:

The Rani's Finishing School For Girls
Ace, Nyssa, Zoe, Rose, Martha, Harry, Ian, Turlough, Mickey, Benton, the Master, the Rani - all sorts of pairings, PG, CRACK

And also, the Master's Prydonian Academy For BoysCollapse )