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26 October 2007 @ 08:31 pm
Drabble Tag!  
The prompts battle didn't take off, and I have a feeling the momentum behind this comm is gone, but it's Friday night for me and I want distractions from everything else I'm supposed to be writing. So let's have a game of drabble tag - goal is to pair up every student/teacher/guest lecturer (which means any other Who-character or crossovers) in every combination!

Loose rules are that we'll start off with a few pairings; when you write one, put it as a reply with the pairing in the subject line, and then add three more pairings of your own to keep things going. No word minimums or limits, just have fun! (You can find our very loose character list here to remind you of what's what if needed, or just go wild).

Barbara/Ian by livii
Benton/Rose by livii
Brigadier/Jack by biichan
Fitz/Turlough by van
Harry/Sarah Jane by van
Jamie/Zoe by laura_luvage
Jo/Rose by livii
Liz/Sarah Jane by agapi42
Martha/Rose by agapi42
Mel/the Rani by biichan

Chang Lee/Grace
Harry/the Master
Jack/Romana II
Leela/Romana II
Romana II/Rose
laura_luvage: zoelaura_luvage on October 27th, 2007 06:44 pm (UTC)
Jamie McCrimmon was slightly surprised when a hand shot out of the door for the needlepoint club and pulled him in. Zoe locked the door behind him, then in a sharp fluid movement she slammed Jamie into the wall.
“ Steady on lassie!”
She jabbed her finger at him.
“ You. Stop talking.”
Zoe could be pretty fierce when she wanted to be Jamie decided.
As one thing led to another Jamie reached for the zip of her cat suit and tugged on it. Nothing happened. He tugged on it again. Still nothing happened.
“ Jamie what is taking so long?”
“ The zip! It’s jammed.”
“ Pull on it!”
“ I have!”
“ You are useless!”
Zoe grabbed the zip on her cat suit and tugged. After several failed attempts she let out a cry of frustration.
“ Jamie, get some lip balm out of Victoria’s bag.”

*10 Minutes later*

“ It’s not working.”
“ I know that Jamie.”
“ Any other ideas?”
“ Get that candle and rub it on the teeth of the zip.”

*20 Minutes later*

Jamie picked up a pair of sewing scissors and held them up.
“ Can’t we just cut you out?”
“ No!”
She muttered something.
“ What?”
She shot him a thunderous look.
“ Bloody E-bay!”
“ E-bay?”
“ I bought it a couple of months ago on e-bay. It’s my favourite!”
Jamie glanced at the scissors.
“ Come on Zoe, if you ever want to get it off-”
She whacked him on the crown of his head and stormed out. A few moments later Victoria entered, she stopped in her tracks when she saw Jamie, lipstick smeared across his cheek and her lip balm in his hand.
“ Victoria it’s not what you think.”
“ No it’s fine. F-fine. Anyway at least it explains the kilt.”
these points of data make a beautiful line: jamie is b&w lovebiichan on October 27th, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Jamie/Zoe
Heee. Poor Jamie.

(Psst! Suggest more pairings!)
Worrals: We loves us some Zoe.livii on October 27th, 2007 08:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Jamie/Zoe
This is adorable!!

(And yes, suggest a few more!)
Van: Doctor Who: 2/J/Z OT3van on October 28th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
Re: Jamie/Zoe
Ack!!! Poor Jamie, ahahahhahaha. That's hilarious. Poor lad! He's so delightfully inept! Buy yes, do suggest more prompts!! :D