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schoolforgirls's Journal

Educating Our Young Women and Men
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Doctor Who AU
The Rani's Finishing School For Girls: a lovely place to turn out well-rounded, elegant young ladies. The Master's Prydonian Academy For Boys: a disciplined, well-run establishment to produce educated, brave young men.

Shenanigans, most predictably, occur.

This is a loosely-defined universe to write AU boarding school adventures for the companions and villains of Doctor Who; the first two posts contain some of our establishing mythology, and roles for each character. Beyond that, feel free to write in whatever time period, universe, or pairing you prefer - the point is to have fun, and produce lots and lots of grade-A crack, even if it contradicts other pieces written. Contact me if you're unsure, but really, go wild.

(A very big debt is owed to some_stars for the original girls' boarding school idea, iko for the idea of the Master and Rani as heads of the schools, and Gordon Korman for influencing me with his Bruno & Boots books to introduce a boys' school for the shenanigans).